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Re: It's alive!

Well I'd like the Diaspora one back (If it isn't already) but I might have trouble checking it since Sectorgame somehow has managed to get itself banned in China.
Hub of the counterrevolution, we are.

Re: Sectorgame Steam Group

In all honesty I can't say there's anything on there I desperately want. Currently it's got Strike Suit Zero, KSP, and the recent Duke Nukem 3D steam release. As well as Recettear/Chantelise since forever but those two have been there years; if I really wanted them I think I'd have bought them. Oh, ...

Re: How rich are ye?

Not sure. Sufficient to purchase a supercarrier and move to null and never worry about money again, as of about a year ago. (Thank Incursions.)

It was at that point I realized I didn't really want a supercarrier or to keep playing, so I dropped it.

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