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Re: Need something to replace EVE

I don't think I've ever committed significant amounts of time to multi player, so I'm next to useless here. I kind of feel like we're in the calm before the storm for Sci fi and space changes though - they're about to blow up big time again I reckon. It's just a matter of waiting the next twelve to ...

Re: September 22nd

All our assets are now completed. VA and I are in the process of beta testing Act 1. First pass bugfixing is complete on about 70% of the missions. I plan on getting that number up to 100% tonight.

Light at the end of the tunnel people. :)

Re: Getting back into 3D design

Not all that much has really changed I reckon. Blender is still free, and has a tonne of tuts. VA swears by it, as do lots of others. Also, apparently the interface has gotten alot more intuitive in the more recent versions. I can't comment on 3DS Max past version 8, but AFAIK it's still broadly the...

Re: f.lux

I'm using it for now, but I haven;t had to texture anything yet. When I do, I'll see how well it responds to being shut off. I think the fact that I can only disable it for an hour at a time will start to annoy me pretty quickly, but we'll see.

Re: WiP: Praetor

And Texs are done: Imagebin for now since the SG upload doesn;t seem to be working. Obviously still needs Glowmaps, shinemaps and normalmaps, and there's LoDding and conversion (which is goilg to be a tad complex because of all the hydraulics) but this is an important firs...

Re: September 22nd

Basically, yeah. Everything that's happened since then has been feature creep or polishing existing assets (like the HTL of the Atlantis). The big asset in question is on its way though.

Re: WiP: Praetor

Added some hydraulics to the rear doors, and a couple of pipes as Aldo suggested - I'll add some pics today or tomorrow, hammering away at the texs right now, so hopefully it should look a lot more complete in a few hours.

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