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Of course, starting an entirely new thread in a secret forum to whine about it doesn't make you appear to be the paragon of excellence, either. It's not worth the blood pressure increase. *I* agree with alot of what he says in theory, but I also believe that being reasonable is an appropriate way t...

release schedule

be sure to check the calendar o nthe SCP site for upcoming releases :) Also, I went ahead and opened the forums on the SCP site, we're starting to use the site more and more, so at least the devs should be there talking amongst ourselves, I decided to open the general forums because, well, i could ;)

I am real tempted to just move the SCP forums permanently to the SCP site, and use you guys as a backup :)

This is REALLY annoying.

Hacker wannabes

Why is it, that every one on the internet who thinks they have skillz, assumes that everyone they face, never heard of dynamic IP's and is completely incapable of dealing with them? "IP Bans don't work, he's on dialup" "Well, then, I'll ban the whole class c and call the ISP and tell them. And when ...

Refresh rates and frame rates can play hell with your tolerance of things like that.

On a TV... Not even sure you can do anything about that.

Take lots of dramamine...

Gamespy made a proxy to counter the hack attempts. It was a pretty interesting move, noticed it when HLP came back online after that first extended downtime.

And as for getting stung by anon, you should know better.

It's not personal, he spent months unchecked in PXO destroying online play for people, spam bots in IRC., generally being rude, miserable, and unpleasant. If he had his way, nobody would be playing FS2 multi. Apologies again for public posting, wasn't sure the best way to communicate it. Next time (...

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