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I'd suggest adding a primary firepoint or two where the bow turrets are and then locking those turrets or removing their table entry entirely for the player-flyable version. That way you could control your forward weapons (pull trigger) while still not having to control 27 turrets. Actually, for th...

Become a coder and make the feature. Seriously though, it's just not possible to control the turrets the way you'd like to.

Even on the model variant WITH the mast, I do suggest you make it a destroyable sub-object, with a destroyed submodel for it as well. Could make for some interesting missions.

I know I've mentioned before, but when it comes to making the Arcadia, would you be able to make a variant of it for the GTI Riviera? Its noticeable difference is the mast structure on the cargo flat section.

It hasn't been mentioned yet, but all the standard builds have been updated. Just copy the link for the last posted build into your browser location bar, delete everything starting from the right up to the last "/" and hit enter. You'll find the web directory where new builds are posted. I have no i...

Double post. I'm also getting a few annoying bugs, which seem to have been in there since 10/30. Basically, something's weird with the WIP Drakh Mothership I'm testing out. It's 42 KM long, but if the ship is more than about 65 KM away, it will fail to render. It may be the clipping distance, or it ...

They still have individual arrival cues. Look in the mission file. But putting ships in a wing also sets the cues to false, which is why there was no "setting to false" dialog - they had been set to false already. In summary, all these problems you're reporting are symptoms of the fact that initial...

Warpcore looks to be down.
Damn! Missed an obvious chance for a pun.

That should read:

"The warpcore looks to be off-line."

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