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Re: Found these from 1999

That was the first one I think. I don't have any copies of these very old old sites (or anything else from this era), but somehow I still had these. I was 15 when I created FreeSpace 2 Sector.. Funny how that works, isn't it? I have about a quarter of the photos i took at various car shows from abo...

Re: Weapon Recoil?

Yeah he asked if the idea had been implimented....I can recall asking the same question myself over on HLP several years ago. It was a really neat effect in Homeworld.

Re: NAS/RAID Advice plz

I got a fairly basic single bay NAS (apparantly it's more of a media server, but whatever) with 500gig for about £70. Special offer @ Dabs. Save for Babylon 5, BSG and some StarGate I've now converted all my DVDs and music CDs to file, selling all the discs 'n' what not.

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