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Re: Found these from 1999

That was the first one I think. I don't have any copies of these very old old sites (or anything else from this era), but somehow I still had these. I was 15 when I created FreeSpace 2 Sector.. Funny how that works, isn't it? I have about a quarter of the photos i took at various car shows from abo...

Re: Weapon Recoil?

Yeah he asked if the idea had been implimented....I can recall asking the same question myself over on HLP several years ago. It was a really neat effect in Homeworld.

Re: NAS/RAID Advice plz

I got a fairly basic single bay NAS (apparantly it's more of a media server, but whatever) with 500gig for about £70. Special offer @ Dabs. Save for Babylon 5, BSG and some StarGate I've now converted all my DVDs and music CDs to file, selling all the discs 'n' what not.

NAS/RAID Advice plz

Hey SG peeps, I'm currently dragging my ass into the 21st century by disposing all of my DVDs. I reckon I'll have around 350gig of data once it's all copied to file. What's the most reliable way to store such an amout of data, with plenty of room for expansion ? None of it will be critical or anythi...

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