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I´ve been into Halflife mapping years ago. If this is going to get off the ground and MT will be released until then, then I may be interested in what you´re doing. I never got into Unreal editting... this is more of an "hey, I appreciate what you´re doing" :) So um, yay ! I am serious about this, ...

Freespace FPS: follow up.

Well, it´s been a loooooong time since i came here, but with HLP on "vacation", this is the next best place. So basically, i´m considering taking this FPS thing seriouslly, and i´ve started dabbling with the weapons, while i wait for my new copy of UT2K4 to...uh... *cough*"arrive". :wink: So, withou...

Gravity fields can't do that. I think they do, actually. Gravity causes pressure, and pressure releases heat. A good example of how it would release heat, is by observing alumnium blocks placed in presses. When a block of iron or alumnium is placed on a press, and subjected to high pressure, the pr...

Actually, it would dissipate heat just by standing still. Remember folks, it´s verrry verrry cold in space. Like, freezing your nuts into a popsicle kind of cold... brrrrrrrrr

Uh, no, that´s not it. I think the best way to emulate that nebula effect is using some kind of marble texture, and apply a reddish orange colour. The thing is, how do i make the marble´s veins? Using Photoshop´s cloud effects, i get this: But it´...

Welcome to SG. If i had a welcome banner, i would post one. And if i had an approval seal, i would post one too! I like it.
The models are ok, only the textures need work, maybe their own UV map. Think about it.

It does kinda looks like a nebula in Rheinland space, i think in the Stuttgart system... Speaking of Freelancer and nebulas, wouldn´t it be great to have such nebulas and debris fields in FS? That would own bigtime! Nebulas that you can hide in, and come out to raid a supply convoy, maybe have a few...

I could, but that would be asking for trouble, so no thanks. And the skybox you posted is weird, i don´t like it. Looks like if someone had just coloured a normal space scene red... I want something like the posted screen, with asteroids floating around, and redish nebular clouds around. Maybe i´ll ...

looks like Shivan-type space
Exactlly!!! :badgrin:


Does anyone have or know where i can get a skybox that looks like this?
Yhis is a shot from Doom 3, the hell levels. And i absolutely love this skybox. I want to get one just like it for my project. Anyone?

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