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Re: 3D-Printed Mini Ship Models!

Ehh, it is what it is, you know? No use in bitching about it. I had it, it's (hopefully) gone now, and that's that.

It did open my eyes to how I was living my life. Or not living it, I should say. So all in all it's something that I'm using to change my life for the better. Or at least trying to.

Which subject area\which class? I'd love to become a professor to get the chance to (rightly, mind you) fail students for trying to slide by.
Secondary school (grade 7-12 US) social studies.

Which I had to give a few students while I was teaching, because they figured that minimal effort would let them slide with a student teacher!

I made a 3d nodemap once. Some mod decided to use it, but I dont remember which. Still have the rar file if anyone is looking for a 3d-max compatable nodemap thinger to futz with.

Hi Raa, long time no see :)
Lookit you! Admin Flipside now! I remember when you joined!

Edit: Hi!

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