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Twelve days of IE...

I get bored easily. :razz: The 12 days of Internet Explorer On the first day of IE my browser gave to me... an error with a CTD! On the second day of IE my browser gave to me... Two toolbars and an error with a CTD! On the third day of IE my browser gave to me... Three (thousand) cookies Two toolbar...


Actually, since it brings you to the login dialogue when you hit 'post reply' anyway, I'm good.

Hunh... In the US you so much as look as an animal funny and you'll get so many animal-lovers glaring at you...

<edit>I think.</edit>

. . . It does make for a night out though. Occasionaly we'll go toad hunting. Which is usually a golf club, cricket bat, or some other bludgeon stick. Then we wack them across the yard and smash them against the fence. Now what is funny, is when you soak them with metho then light em up. They hop a...

Birds > Frogs.

Frogs !> Birds.

I mean, seriously... Slimey things that eat bugs and do nothing all day long as opposed to flying things with awesome feathers? ~_~

No leeches at all in Oregon: OWNED.

Not that wild horses could drag me into water, anyway... It gets your feathers wet and you get waterlogged, can't fly for days.

Welp, I'm no longer alive but I'm still here. And yes, you scared me into actually logging in, Hunter... I decided I was bored with life so I tried being dead, which explains my temporary absence. Actually I was lazy, but you're not supposed to know that - I've been purposely going into reclusion on...

If you want insultingly easy tests, go get a driver's permit at the Oregon DMV. o_o I just did yesterday. I mean...: <Very clear picture of a stop sign> "You come to an intersection and see this sign. What should you do?" No joke. And my school is messed up. Some of the teachers use +s and -s, but s...

...We talking scores in a game or scoring with a girl? o_O I am assuming the former.

That said, I have not the slightest clue what you are babbling over.

'How much do you weigh?'

Good God, we must be desperate.

Ah well...

15.5 years.

Somewhere between 160-210lbs, probably hovering towards the former.


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