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Well, I think we have to completely replace the 3.6.7 VPs.

There are a lot of old files in there. The new shockwave isn't in the effects VP.

Should I try to fix it on my own?

I'd add the afterburner trails again while I'm at it.

I'm a Leecher. Hit me!

To be honest I don't visit SectorGame very often. Maybe I should work on that now. :)


What are those ' smaller details' ?

Something like "danger" signs?

Uhm... and Btw, here is a small Orion map pack.

Only minor textures, but as I do not know when I'll continue to work on the Orion maps, I think it's better to release them.


The shinemap alone looks wonderful. I think the color of the engines will have to be changed later on, to match better. But you are doing a wonderful job on it. How do you create the scrathed metal texture? I got that one from gfx-inside (dead now) I think. I have a few hundred MB full of free text...

Wow, more than 100 MB.... And renaming 101 frames is also no fun. :( Thanks for re-explaining taylor. I think I'll have much fun with this feature. You might think about some sort of "container" for the frames though, as several animations will cause chaos in my /effects folder. ;) I'll try what you...

Yeah I know the ship is ugly... ;) Can't do very much about this matter, but I'll do my best. :) I'm trying to simulate a hull structure, so the ship will look less like just a brick. Bumpmapping would be more effective though. Here is a better shot of the engine part:

Gevatter Lars, can you test my frames? It doesn't work for me somehow. Perhaps I did something wrong...

Do I have to add the effect to the weapons_expl.tbl? And do I have to write (in my case) "shockwave.eff" in the tables, or is "shockwave" enogh?

I tired some combinations, but it didn't work.

The LOD system for ANIs is rather stupid. Some effects can be huge even far away, and some effects are small even when close, so the LOD0 res is not necessary. IMO it should work like this. If the effect is big--> use LOD0 If the effect is small--> use LOD3 But I guess this is some heavy code work...

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