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Ooh, fun, noon. I'll probably be awake by then. Whether or not the ITS crack monkeys actually have a hole in the firewall for D3 should be interesting to find out.

After all, at least I can adjust my router... or switch plugs and dike it out of the system, if necessary (which it usually isn't).

First I need to finish and survive this semester and then configure my router's firewall to actually allow multiplayer. It's very aggressively defensive.

Re: The Endless Quote Thread

And dont forget the biscuit this time! Bourbon cream? Peppermint for me. Animating a person speaking stinks.[/quote] Tut tut. So much for the stream of biscuitness.[/quote] What kind of biscuits?[/quote] What kind do you want?[/quote] I'm not sure. That's why I'm asking.[/quote] Hob nobs?[/quote] W...

Why not just ignore him? Or try to get an admin to ban him, if he's being a real jerk about things?

*flicks off Raa*

I generally eat a small breakfast and a decent lunch and dinner, with a snack in there somewhere. It depends on my grocery situation and my schedule for the day, really.

I get plenty of exercise, doing a 2 mile walk around the campus a few times a week.

No, I'm posting from school. It fits, though. And no, she's not tenured. After the nasty little surprise we've got planned for her (i.e., protest to the department regarding her attitude and grading), she probably won't be, either.

Dr. b**ch, French Professor

I did fine in the academics department last semester but this time around, I have a real b**ch of a French professor who seems to regard her students (all of us) as people whose egos must be crushed, ground, and sauteed, in approximately that order. Again, I'm doing okay in my other classes (A's in ...

Reminds me of the giant hamsters I'm planning to pull on a D&D group sometime. *evil snicker* I just have to make sure they're not armed, first. The players, not the characters. One of our GMs had the somewhat surreal experience of looking up from his laptop (where notes were) to realize that his wi...

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