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I'm pretty sure that everyone except for me operates around that area and has cyno people in place.

1) The video on that page was from a test firing a few days before the war

2) Cyvok said he killed 16 ships from the doomsday blast, but about half of the killmails that showed in his mailbox appeared without any message body.

Its the sanshas 10/10

come down with me, you get free t1 cruisers and corp insured battleships for fleets. Plus your T2 beam skills will come in handy.

i think all the stabs survived. The only low slot item that got blown up was a BCU II. Wouldn't have mattered though, we had 2 dictor bubbles on him.

T2 torps hurt like hell too. I did manage to get off about 4 salvos of scourges though. 6000 raw damage is why im #1 damage dealer. :)

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OK im going back to 0.0 in a couple of days and i'd like to throw a little party remember these guys? ------ blacks smith god digger lime stone peach tree profess ion tmarvellous --- blacks smith: 2006.09.11 04:48 The sleazebag is currently in the Alikara system of the Arekin constellation. Sometime...

Its about a bizillion miles away and costs a bit more money than i'd like to spend

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