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relative boredom me thinks.

*goes off to make his own from the extensive collection of screenshots he has :p

yuppers. She's gone.

Thank god I still have this place and spacebattles to keep me occupied :p

im not WOR, just speaking from experience.
Ah, I see. :)

So, Hippo, any chance I can join at all? :)

Singh: If you can fly a vigil and use warp disruptors, you're useful
Yup, I can do both. Can fly BC's (working my way to buying one) as well, if you require. :)

Wing of Redemption?

Not sure if this is the right place to put this, but im getting back into the swing of Eve. Thing is, mining and hauling are somewhat dangerous for my short attention span, and I cant seem to find a decent agent out here either. So I was hoping to guys got room for a tiny little destroyer ...

Ok, First off....know that the following post stays here and within this board, preferably. A few of my friends here have decided to try and make a FPS game, and I'm doing the storyline/script stuff for them. The thing is, half of the premise takes place in space, with significant potential for deve...

I spent a month looking for something better. I never found it. This was a charity job of sorts, since its from my uncle. And its just as boring as hell, and im STILL worrying over my grandfather in the incredible number of free hours there. He's better now - still in the ICU, but its more of a two ...

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