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Re: Rebranding

How hard is it to swap out a background/text/link color? Maybe the classic gold-on-black, and a more typical black-on-white would be an alternate?

Re: Boo!

it's grown far too confrontational and accusatory for my tastes, some people might enjoy that kind of debate That's not just HLP, that's the Internet as a whole in the 21st century. Everyone is frothing at the mouth just waiting for the next topic to fight about. Having a simple discussion these da...

Re: Boo!

For me:

When I started posting here, I had no social life, and I was in high school. Now, I have a semi-social life, and two jobs!

I think kara presents a good point: The games that we rallied around are dead. We need some sort of commonality, else we've become a social hall.

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