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Re: September 22nd

That's it. Literally the only things standing in the way of the beta will be one asset, one SCP build and a few hours (tops) of FREDding. Moreover, since this delay has been so long, I've had time to replay and replay missions, and do a lot of my own bugfixing, which means that the beta testing sho...

Rants is where things get done on this forum. >.>

And if MatthewPapa hadn't responded when he did, this thread probably would have turned into a rant...

Haven't heard from BW in a while, but that's kinda the nature of his geology work in the outback. Not a whole lot of intertubes out there - but he often comes back with a bunch of new missions. :)
He digs up FreeSpace missions from geological strata? That's amazing! :o

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