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Re: How to get rid of this line?

It sounds like a driver issue but it could be a conflict of sorts but I know next to nothing about Linux.
Well the problem seems to have cleared itself up. When, how, why? Nobody knows. Or do they?

They don't.
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Re: Dark Matter + Other shows

I enjoyed Farscape initially but when Scorpius came onto the scene, meh :razz: I don't think I ever finished watching the show. ..And I still can't get that music out of my head from the episode "Thank God It's Friday, Again" and this clip too https://www....

Re: Problem sending PMs

So does it go to the outbox first and then to sent? I just read 2 posts over at the phpBB community forums, PM's stuck in Outbox??? - Private Messages staying in outbox - ...and I just don'...

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