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Re: Summer TV

I said it before but I'll say it again super heroes ain't my cup of tea. I did struggle to get through the first season of Iron Fist and I'll see how the 2nd pans out otherwise I'll stop watching it. As a kid I got my fair share of cartoons that included super heroes, and moved on to other genres. I...

Re: Summer TV

A few off the top... Anon ARQ Orbiter 9 The Titan I barely survived some of the plot twists in Iron Fist otherwise I generally don't watch super-any-thing Just started watching Dirk Gently's Holistic Detective Agency, I don't even know where the shows going half the time, I like it :D and Final Spac...

Re: Stargate Origins

I think they were all killed.

SG1 kind of got out of hand in the end. I do remember the Anoobs god story being promoted the f*ck out of on free-to-air back in the day, and then the following season came along, and it all crashed and burned.

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