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Re: Stargate Origins

'beige-pants wearing' aliens
:roll: nothing wrong with that

In the season 5 episode 'The Lost Tribe' with the suits, plenty of story there. I always hoped we'd seen more of that in a plot arc or at least more episodes.

Re: Overload released on Steam

and it has appeared on GOG - Remember, even if you don't like Descent, Revival are definitely interested in pursuing a FreeSpace-style game too - so be sure to support the team :) This line comes to mind “There’s always hope. At least that’s what I tell myself when ...

Re: Dark Matter + Other shows

Season 1 was brilliant! The story with Detective Miller chasing down Mao was the centerpiece and they kind of shuttled him to the side in season 2. It doesn't have that same appeal it once did, hopefully season 3 picks up a bit. There is also another tradition of mine from the Star Trek days. I call...

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