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Broken leg fun fun!

So i was on car crash few weeks ago, and my right leg broke from 2 diffrent points it's been such a fun just almost just sitting on home doing absolute nothing just cheking a net or sleeping, day after day i'm becoming more and more pissed.

BTRL demo was cool can't wait more of it;)

I should point out, that this particular friend on this world tour, is being completely paid for by her parents. Does it get any worse? Already 25, and never worked. Man oh man, what a spoilt girl! Well she mighty get a problem because of that like what happens to her when she won't get money from ...

what's the game in question ?
Gears of war i think not sure through but deepblue sure likes lick microsoft every time they release something or say

Re: The Endless Quote Thread

And dont forget the biscuit this time! Bourbon cream? Peppermint for me. Animating a person speaking stinks.[/quote] Tut tut. So much for the stream of biscuitness.[/quote] What kind of biscuits?[/quote] What kind do you want?[/quote] I'm not sure. That's why I'm asking.[/quote] Hob nobs?[/quote] W...

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