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Homeworld mod for FS2

Hello to all freespace fans. I recently downloaded the Homeworld mod for FS2 from I`m having trouble finding the exact download link. I was wondering if anyone here knows of its exsistance, or has downloaded it. Myself, I`ve been waiting years for someone to bring Homeworld and ...

Re: Wow.. I am sorry.

Ah, where are all the smilies :) I must be in the quick reply box. :( Yes, I was surpried to see I was sitll registered. I do not post much, I know. The holidays give me a few days away from work to explore the forums, and see whats going on. Uumm, my wife has a really bad cold, she was running a fe...

Re: Wow.. I am sorry.

Well for the record, I hear that from my wife every once in a while.. She deals with my childness in a better manner. Oh by the way have I said I`m 57 years old, ooopppsss!! Yes we can be that way at any age, I guess. Just ask my wife. (edit) She even calls me her kid, when were out shopping. :badgr...


The SCP is about to change that, enhancements are being... oh wait.. They have froze the code, bug fixes and all.. No new features untill they crush somemore bugs.

Once this is done, well we will have a pretty stable build of fsopen to play with. :D

Compatability mode

Right click freespace2.exe go down to properties.
Then click compatability. :)

Err.. Or is that just for afterburners??

Umm, its been awhile since the last time it went down.
Must be having trouble with the server, arg.. :(

(edit) Well then, it gives me a reason to post here. :)

Shutters.... No, i`d only have nightmares seeing remains... :( Reminds of a time years ago, there was a wreak just down the road from our home, and i went to help, and found myself feeling unable to cope with what i`d seen and smelled.. Ended up taking a stress test at the hospital, because of cheas...

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