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Re: The Aftermath Project: Feedback

To The E, Ok now, that is something. Thanks for informing me, appreciate it. So I just have to make another update. With your permission, I might take apart some of the scripts and modules from the Blue Planet mods that Aftermath is dependent on (Actually, there isn't that much. Just the main hall, ...

The Aftermath Project: Feedback

To my fellow fans,

This is where you put in your comments and feed back and I will certainly appreciate your thoughts regarding The Aftermath Project especially any bugs you happen to encounter and recommendations. This section will the basis of updates in the future. Game on.

The AFTERMATH Project Screenshots

Here are some screenshots of the AFTERMATH campaign: http://i158.photobucke...

The AFTERMATH Project by Herkie423

UPDATED: The Project is already completed and released. I'm now working for an update to make it as a stand-alone. It will be completed soon. Please click on this forum topic for further details and where to download it: Hello guys, I have ...

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