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Re: Anyone watch Dark Matter?

We binge watched Black Sails to make the most of a free 6 month Student Prime thing. Also had a period of obsessively watching Person of Interest, albeit truncated by waiting on the last and second last seasons.

Not sure what's next now. Maybe The Man in The High Castle?

Re: Elite Dangerous

I hear ELITE got an update, anything good? I'm still waiting to find a game here :nod: I'd wait until the next update, which should introduce some more combat options. The last one was, um, some improvements to the route-finding range and addition of some community goals that didn't particularly bl...

Re: Any hardware enthusiasts?

I a have total 8TB of storage at the moment + SSD and USB's. It should be good enough to last for a year or so before I need to start deleting stuff. Imagine all the porn you can fit in. :)
Who needs to imagine.....

Ahem. Actually, that would be quite a lot of pornography.

Re: Any hardware enthusiasts?

I watched some Youtube videos and they seem to sound the same. I guess it's just something you have to put up with when dealing with these huge drives. I use an SSD for my OS but naturally they are too expensive for storage.. The Crucial MX100 is actually pretty reasonable; 512GB for about £150 (I'...

Re: Any hardware enthusiasts?

I have to admit that I've switched over to pretty much solely SSDs since my last HDD started acting funny (at only a couple of years old - I've switched it to a local backup drive and duplicate anything vital on cloud storage and my laptop as well), but looking online I can't see anything conclusive...

Re: Elite Dangerous

The social aspect of EVE was really the only thing that kept me playing. I don't want to be a loner in space AS WELL as real life :D I think that'll come in time with E:D, but.. yeah, it's not there. At times it's still more of an engine than a game, really, and arguably they could have kept it in ...

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