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take it from a afk miner extraordinaire....go fo a Bestower. Skills are cheap, Amarr Frig 3 adn Amarr Industrial 1. Sure for raw cargo the Mammoth and Itty5 beat it, but those both require lots of training. At skill level 2 with lows(4 IIRC) filled with something as cheap as Expanded Cargohold 1s yo...

If you are curious in-game, look up my character Lorzon and looks at his bio. :)

Frankly hip, they're never alone, they're usually the scout for a bigger one.

Juding from the fact that he got killed by a Battleship, I would assume he didn't put up much of a fight. The one time I engaged in PvP was when I was training my alt 4 months ago. Me and some corpies(Naval Academy) were hunting in a 0.4 and either there was a ringer in our midst(there were several ...

But i thought you had too low a sec rating to get in to hi sec. and why bother coming up from you're world into the light?

A question though, how did Hip get into Du Annes in the first place?


Wow, makes me glad I don't hang out in Low Sec.

Some pirate would buy one just to camp a gate to frag it once every hour.

That's one of the hardest? We did it with my Apoc, a Brutix, a Prophecy, a Celestis, an Enyo, and a Caracal.

We actually had more trouble with the 3 Enforcers than we did with the last stage.

I didn't do it alone. I did it with 5 friends. However I was the only BS.

First Level 4

Where does Vengeance fall in the difficulty of Level 4s? I know Angel Extravaganza is hardest, but what about the others?

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