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White Rose

 uploaded by Sirius

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Screenshot for White Rose
Version 1.0
Authors Sirian
Players 2 – 4
Mode Multiplayer
Game Descent 2
Number of levels 1
Released 1998-10-05
Posted 2024-02-27 17:22:39
Updated 2024-02-27 17:22:39

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Mission notes

The official Descent 2 conversion of Black Rose by its author, Sirian. White Rose is almost identical to the original, with only some minor cosmetic differences - perhaps most noticeably the replacement of the lava pit by water.
Its weapon selection is light, with no Gauss and only four Mercury Missiles; the only new primary weapon is Super Lasers. Combined with a proven layout, this makes White Rose still one of the most tactically rich 1v1 levels available for Descent 2.