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 uploaded by AlumiuN

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Screenshot for Anachronistic
Version 1.1
Authors AlumiuN
Players 1 – 4
Mode Singleplayer/co-op
Game Descent 1
Number of levels 3
Released 2023-09-05
Posted 2023-09-05 11:26:37
Updated 2023-10-23 02:36:07

Rating 9.00 / 10, out of 1 rating(s)
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Mission notes

A small set of three (hopefully (again)) vanilla-compatible levels for Descent 1, built over the course of a year or so on-and-off (turns out I really prefer building geometry to populating levels :P).

Curse Of The Red River - named after Barren Earth's excellent album, a facility built around and on top of a river of lava, with plenty of shortcuts to keep backtracking to a minimum.

Sick Transit - a play on the phrase "sic transit gloria mundi", a material transport hub after a catastrophic failure that filled a number of passages with both caved-in rock and highly viscous toxic waste. Don't lick the green stuff.

Appeasement Refinery - a large refinery and accompanying geothermal facility, with a name that really only results in more questions than answers.