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Anarchy Forest

 uploaded by AnimaPrava

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Version 1.0
Authors Cameron "Stryker" Fultz
Players 1 – 1
Mode Singleplayer/co-op
Game Descent 2
Number of levels 1
Released 2023-05-27
Posted 2023-05-27 17:34:17
Updated 2023-05-27 17:34:17

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Mission notes

Title: Anarchy Forest

Author: Cameron "Stryker" Fultz 
Seattle (Bothell), WA

Editors Used: Descent Mission Builder 2.6

Description: Medium sized anarchy level with complex shapes and
interesting shapes - plenty of robots!

 ---Level Info---

Single Player: yes
FLAG: yes
CO-OP: yes
Bugs: None so far                

---Construction Info---

Build Time: Basically 13 hrs. 

Extra Credit: 
My wife and four kids who have put up with my obsession.
Beta Testers

You may distribute this level as long as every thing is INTACT and 
UNMODIFIED. You MAY copy any part of this level. As long as you E-mail
me and send me a copy. 

My e-mail may change in the future, but it is currently [email protected]