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 uploaded by Code

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Screenshot for Toxic
Version 1.7
Authors Code
Players 2 – 8
Mode Multiplayer
Game Descent 1
Number of levels 1
Released 2022-10-23
Posted 2022-10-23 10:27:40
Updated 2022-10-23 21:01:58

Rating 10.00 / 10, out of 1 rating(s)
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Mission notes

I'm back with a new map after almost 2 years. I tried out the Inferno editor and I love it. It makes map editing so much easier. 


Toxic is a smooth flowing 1v1 map that has 1 smart, 2 homers, all weapons, and NO vulcan. The map has a very large amount of escapes in each room, and has lots of grates that make for sneaky smarts/fusion. This map uses a custom DTX Patch for some custom textures which was converted from DLE. 


w/ advice from Rethink