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 uploaded by Sirius

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Screenshot for Nysa
Version 1.0
Authors Spaz
Players 2 – 4
Mode Multiplayer
Game Descent 2
Number of levels 1
Released 1997-04-25
Posted 2022-10-15 21:52:12
Updated 2022-10-15 21:52:12

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Mission notes

(Release date uncertain; taken from file timestamps)
A Descent 2 conversion of the original D1 level Nysa by Spaz. It's unclear whether he converted the level himself, although the release date makes it plausible.
The D2 version of Nysa is ultimately defined by the addition of Gauss and Mercury Missiles. High-level games are about sniping and weapon control - even though there isn't much ammunition for the Gauss Cannons, they come with more than enough to score a couple kills by default, and careless respawning players can expect to be punished severely.
Nysa games tend to be strategic, drawn-out affairs for this reason.