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 uploaded by Sirius

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Screenshot for Minerva2
Version 1.0
Authors Spaz
Players 2 – 6
Mode Multiplayer
Game Descent 2
Number of levels 1
Released 1996-04-30
Posted 2022-10-15 21:34:29
Updated 2022-10-15 21:34:29

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Mission notes

(Release date uncertain; taken from file timestamps)
A D2-style conversion (author unknown; it may not have been Spaz himself) of the original D1 level Minerva.
Minerva2 adds D2-style weapons, including Super Lasers, Gauss, Omega, Mercury and Flash Missiles, and Smart Mines (which became notorious in Kali games for eventually taking over the level and breaking down its flow). It also replaces the original level's textures with equivalents available in Descent 2, but does not make any changes to the level's structure.