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 uploaded by Sirius

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Screenshot for Tribute
Version 1.0
Authors Spaz
Players 4 – 6
Mode Multiplayer
Game Descent 1
Number of levels 1
Released 1996-04-14
Posted 2022-10-15 11:12:35
Updated 2022-10-15 11:12:35

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Mission notes

(Release date dubious; taken from file timestamps)
Tribute is Spaz's 3rd level by release order. Built in DMB 0.9a beta. It is by far his most popular early level, seeing continued play on Kali for many years; however, this was most likely due to its prodigious missile load, which made it a popular haunt for missile boats.
Its long, mostly straight tunnels spell doom for those not able to outrun a well-timed flurry of homing missiles, and all the chokepoints and low-ceiling rooms were excellent spots to trap unwary souls with well-placed smart missiles.
As such, eight-player Tribute games quickly ran to spectacularly high kill totals. It has fallen from popularity in recent years, but may still be enjoyable for mid-sized team games.