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Basewars Redux
April 26, 2018; 7:30 pm


A re-imagined single-player version of the original Basewars with a new AI controlled enemy team, resource system, friendly units and more. Check the included readme for more information!

Update: The level has been patched with some important fixes, changes and a bit of polish. Grab the level again to ensure multiplayer compatibility! (Version 1.2, updated January 2019)

Patch Notes:

*(1.1) Improvements to dedicated server support (The first wave will no longer start until a player joins).
*(1.1) Ambient station sounds now correctly play for all players in multiplayer.
*(1.1) Music switches now occur after changing systems or entering the asteroid base.
*(1.1) The 'Reinforcements' item should now always respawn in multiplayer, and can be used by all players.
*(1.1) The deployment position of the base defenders has been changed to the Silo (to prevent getting stuck in the exit).
*(1.1) A new pop-up camera has been added that will show the shield status screen to all players.
*(1.1) A basic briefing has been added to the level, along with some primary and secondary goals.
*(1.1) The asteroid base is now open at all times, except for the door to the Drone Boss.
*(1.1) The Drone Guardian and Drone Boss now correctly respawn after some minutes, instead of instantly.
*(1.1) Sometimes it was possible to break the whole level with the asteroid base, this has been fixed.
*(1.1) Large NPCs have been fitted with new custom turrets (from Silent Fury) which are also destroyable.
*(1.1) The Drone Guardian now spawns outside of the alcove, making it easier to find.
*(1.1) Removed obsolete scripts and rooms originally designed for the blue team players.
*(1.1) Planet textures have been re-done - also some lighting fixes to the level as a whole.
*(1.1) Fixed a level breaking bug relating to the resource system.
*(1.1) Added some extra loot matcens to the asteroid base and Gemini temple.
*(1.1) Fixed an NPC missile glitch that occured on dedicated servers.
*(1.1) A few tweaks and fixes here and there to the NPC loadouts.
*(1.2) Fixed an issue with the reinforcements signal in multiplayer co-op.
*(1.2) Hopefully delayed the number of reliable buffer overruns (no promises).
*(1.2) The repair kit is now assigned to all players automatically.
*(1.2) Fixed an issue with base defenders going idle after all shield generators were destroyed.
*(1.2) Reduced the dodging abilities of small NPCs, except for elite variants.
*(1.2) Increased visibility of powerups by 50%.
*(1.2) A new research objective has been added that will unlock an additional matcen for special weapons.
*(1.2) Made some minor adjustments and corrections to playership weapons.
*(1.2) Activated a forgotten matcen in the asteroid base.
*(1.2) Attack waves have been altered slightly.

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