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Mad Science!
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April 19, 2011; 1:38 am
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By Schplurg and Starkiller.
Our scientist has been up to no good...in fact hes built a "Super Shrinker 2000" and
shrunken your Pyro! Now your ship is only about 4 inches in size (no, I didnt mess
with the ships, dont worry)! This shrinking machine is a pretty rickety design and
doesnt appear too stable. After all, its wired to a Donkey Kong machine, among other

You can fly behind, beneath, and over furniture and other junk. You can use the heating
system or take a shortcut through the basement to get from room to room.

Just remember, being small has its hazards! A rat trap lurks innocently in one corner.
If you go for the bait, be very careful! And if you think its safe hiding in the air
ducts and sniping people, think again! Someone may hit the thermostat switch and...

If you really feel brave, you can try out the "Super Shrinker 2000". The shrinking
machine has three settings. By default it will refuel your ship, but with the touch
of a switch you can reap much greater rewards! Unless of course someone else hits the
switch again before the machine does its work...that could be disastrous! You thought
you were small now...? The last thing you want to do is set the shrinker to actually
shrink you even more! Ill let you figure out how the Shrinker works ;)

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