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Joust Exhibition Complex
April 19, 2011; 1:15 am


By Hostile. Here is my sophomore effort for Descent 3. It is the final release. My favorite level of any version of Descent is Joust (D2). I decided to redo it for D3 because of all the nice things D3 can do for a level (plus I just missed my home). To differentiate between D3 and D2, I called it Joust Exhibition Complex rather than Joust D3 because I thought it sounded cooler :P. It is a 1 on 1 level, but can support 3 or 4 players in an anarchy or team game. Any more than 4 players and the secondaries get too thin. However, It has a maximum 16 player starts.
I am releasing this level without obtaining official permission from the original author (much honor be placed upon him). I did a community wide search for the original author and nobody could figure out who it was. So, I am releasing it for all to enjoy with what I think to be consent from the community. I give full credit to the creativity of the original author and thank him for producing such a great level.
Before anyone starts to complain about how there are dead ends and traps in this level, keep in mind, I didnt design it, I am just remaking it. I took a couple of liberties and changed a couple of things because they were just too tempting in D3 to pass up on.
1. I left out the pass through walls on the old secret rooms because that architecture just doesnt seem right in D3.
2. I put a window between one of the secret rooms and the room that connects the ends of the loop. Windows like these werent possible in D2 and this one really adds to the 1 on 1 insanity of the level.
3. I added some major eye candy to the loop. There is a big cavern there now that you can see but not access. The game play isnt changed. I just wanted to make it look cooler because I can :P.
4. I put in some D3 weapons but I kept the main focus on the original level. Joust had lots of gauss, plasma, mercs and homers. So in keeping with that, there are 2 vauss with ammo, 1 md with 5 shots and a 2 shot ammo, 2 plasmas, 4 concs, and 3 homers. There are 2 quads/supers and one of everything else except no omega, blackshark, mega or napalm rocket.
I owe a "huge!" thanks (again) to the almighty level creator Otherone who has become my D3Edit technical advisor------Thanks Brian. Thanks also to Nirvana who "actually" helped make suggestions when I asked for them and found a bunch of errors for me :P and to Genghis who helped me get the loadscreen shot on such a busy schedule.
Thanks to all the beta testers:
Otherone, Genghis, Nirvana (and the Asylum crew), Barry (and his minions), the ROX clan, and Sfuzzi.

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