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First Temple of the BoTS
April 18, 2011; 10:28 am


By Bijwi. This is version 1.3 of the level, and every effort has been made to
ensure there are no anomalies. It is no longer in Beta testing, and
the loadscreen shows the version number. To ensure fairness in team
play, the level is symmetrical in design. It has a mix of large and
small rooms, and a variety of different hallways. There is also a
medium size outside area for dogfighting. The level is suitable for
2 team CTF, anarchy, 2 team anarchy, and hoard. Red and blue flag
bases are each protected by a forcefield, with the switches located
on opposite sides. Each team must control the switches to score in
CTF. For hoard, these two bases are the goals, and players can try
to prevent others from scoring by use of the forcefield. The fields
have no practical function in anarchy. Single player mode was left
in, allthough there are no robots or goals. It just makes exploring
easier. All weapon powerups were included in the level, so it will
be the servers responsibility to remove any unwanted items.

Have a look around at least once with all of the effects turned on:
(fog, halos, coronas, etc.) I spent a lot of time trying to create
interesting visual effects.

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