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April 18, 2011; 3:25 am


By Hostile. Here is my 8th level for Descent 3. I have become somewhat of a D1/2 level porter for D3. Athena was a level created by SPAZ and I have completely redone it from scratch to incorporate the size and feel of the D3 ships. I have used my typical 8-sided architecture because it works well, but Otherone has contributed a room to this level as well (and its easy to see which one is his hehe). I also added a little eye candy to liven it up a little. It is a 1 on 1 level, but can support 3 to 5 players in an anarchy or team game. However, it has 16 player starts.
I have stayed almost completely true to the original layout with the following exceptions:
1. I added a skylight in the main room because I could and I think it looks great.
2. The curved room where the secret room was is a natural cavern and the secret room is just a dark hole.
3. The reactor is just eye candy and so is the exit. You cannot actually leave the level the old fashioned way. I did make the exit shaft visible through the skylight though :).
4. I added some eye candy here and there throughout the level to fully take advantage of the Fusion engine and all the beauty it has to offer.
I am releasing this level without obtaining official permission from the original author, SPAZ (much honor be placed upon him). I did a community wide search for the him and nobody could get a hold of him. He is unavailable. So, I am releasing it for all to enjoy with what I think to be consent from the community. I give full credit to the creativity of SPAZ and thank him for producing such a great level.
I modded 3 of the weapons in this level. The mass driver starts with 4 shots instead of 10 and the mass driver clip has only 1 round instead of 5. The napalm cannon has a bit more punch now and isnt a useless weapon anymore. It is no where near as powerful as the demo so dont get scared, but it will smack someone good if you hit them with it. I basically doubled the impact damage of the current napalm cannon. The Plasma Cannon has the same damage, but the plasma balls are 100% larger and 50% faster. It feels more like Descent 2 plasma. The mean ass plasma sound is back as well.

Thanks to the God of level creators, Otherone, who, as always, helped me with the stuff I still dont know how to do and built one of the energy centers and natural caverns. Also, thanks to Genghis and Endymion who helped me get the load screen shot you will see when you fire this up.

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