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Just got some new monitors... brain is feeling weird

So after about 5-6 years of using the same setup I just got two new monitors. They are slightly smaller than what I used before (24 inch down to 22) and aren't all that expensive. I simply replaced the old ones because they were different resolutions and getting old. That and they are quite heavy fo...

Re: Anyone watch Dark Matter?

I can definitely recommend Man in The High Castle. It's a really surreal experience.

And yes, I also binge watch Netflix shows.. It's a great way to kill time and learn nothing in the process, other than how good American dramas are compared with the rest of the world :)

Re: We've gone from 4% to 50%

Compuserve had like a file-sharing feature as I recall - possibly inside the various groups. I used to make some Descent remixes and short clips for fun, which I posted ... somewhere on there. I really can't remember much more. I was like, 12 or 13 at the time. My first foray into audio editing, I g...

Re: Anyone watch Dark Matter?

LOL, Home and Away. Yeah that's not really a good comparison since with the exception of Farscape, Aussies don't make much sci-fi..
Nah, people prefer to watch superhero crap again, again and again... There is about 10,000 superhero dramas and movies in production at the moment. ;)

Re: I need some voice talent contacts

VPN speeds are bit of an issue here, too. You might be wondering why I'd need a VPN in a country with the fastest Internet on Earth. Well - It's only fast when it involves Korean servers. Everything else is terribly throttled unless it happens to be cloud cached in Korea, and I happen to be stuck wi...

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