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Bada Bing
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April 18, 2011; 7:26 am
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By DwnUndr. This is a small taste of my new terrain levels to come! This one is a bit small and a bit fast, but the next few will be larger and more challenging. This layout is good for 5 on 5 CTF or 10 in team anarchy. This layout is very open and does not fully take advantage of my new "boa-vis in three dimensions" concept, but this one has been on my hard drive for awhile and I figured I would finish it rather than delete it.
Originally this was designed as the first in three Assault levels but I decided that too few people play Assault anymore, so I have deleted my "evil" turrets (if some designers want to know what they were, email me, heh).

This level should be just plain fun! Each team gets its own spawn room, the most extensive spawn rooms ever made for D3, heh. You can leave the room, but not return (also meaning the other team cant come in to spawn kill you). You can exit onto the terrain towards either base, go down the hatch to your flag base, or go to the front window and snipe out. I also scattered a few "unsafe" spawn points around the level. The center of the terrain has a tall building with an energy center and a few weapons. I intentionally made this a risky area. The flag bases have two "main" ways in, but one splits into three making it harder to defend. The low road out goes through an "obstacle" room. Since the flags are so close together, I created this room to slow down a flag thief and give the opposing team a chance to catch them. The grilles also give a nice place to defend this end of the base.

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