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  • May 29th 2004;
    Just letting the public know that AHTW isn't dead yet. I am considering cutting back from 20 missions to 10 or 15, because as it is, I don't see myself finishing it (though summer is coming). I am also preparing a team of people to assign the task of converting AHTW (both the demo and the final version) to FreeSpace 2, and the SCP.

  • November 12th 2003;
    At 5:37, the decisions was made, the suffering of the public will be brought to the end. In a surprise move, Hippo has decided to release the demo almost 20 hours early. The news is posted all across the FreeSpace community, and is only available here, at Sectorgame. See the Downloads page for the file.


  • November 11th 2003;
    The Demo is done! Its packaged, tested, compiled, and uploaded! visit the AHTW forum on Sectorgame for more details!


  • November 1st 2003;
    The demo release date has been finalized! November 13th! Expect more news as the date nears!


  • August 1st 2003;
    The website and Sectorgame come back online after a prolonged bandwidth overload.


  • September 25th 2003;
    News page created in order to alert public about what has been done.

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