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AHTW already has many MODs and may have more. When I finish organizing the pictures, I'll upload them along with the shiplist add-ons and the .POF's so that other Alpha 1's can test them. This will hopefully be done by the end of the year. Instead of making you wait for the whole thing, I'll put up a few a month...


GTM Cataclyst
The GTM Cataclyst is a Fusion bomb surrounded by 5 salted fission bombs; propulsion unit is a third-size version of a regulation GTA fighter thruster (Class IV); given the weight of the payloads, the missile is slow despite the power of the thruster; as the Cataclyst is exceptionally large, GTA fighters and bombers are limited to carrying 1 of these weapons in each weapon bay; the resultant shock wave from this weapon is potentially deadly, due to the size of the payloads (7500 Mt in total); use near allied installations or allied ship groupings is strongly discouraged by the GTA; most effective when used in preemptive defensive strike against non-military installations. These are the first dumb fire bombs designed by the GTA. It's slow speed and lack of maneuverability makes it easy to shoot down, but it can be fired without ever targeting the enemy.

PVC Anohs
The Anohs class cruiser was designed when the Vasudans engineers were experimenting with new forms of fusion drives. They installed a meson component into the reactor core of an Aten cruiser. The 'Mutual Annihilation' caused by quarks and anti-quarks, increased the reactor output by 750%. This amount of energy was first routed into weapons, creating a large beam-like field of energy originating from a particle emitter. These weapons were thought to have great potential, but the lack of heavy damage, and a two minute power up stage rendered this weapon useless. The energy was then routed into propulsion, but caused the engines to burn out far too often. Energy was cut back, until the Aten was almost 3 times faster than factory standards (25m/s). The extra energy was routed back into the weapons, so that each turret had the energy reserves to; fire weapons found only on the largest ships, and increase the rate of fire.
These components were installed into a set of Aten cruiser hulls. The armor was lightened to regain some of the lost maneuverability. This cruiser was then rechristened the PVC Anohs. The Anohs was deployed near the end of the Great War, shortly after Vasuda prime was decimated. It was disabled by Shivan fighters from the SD Tantalus while engaging the destroyer. It was rescued by the GTD Minnow while the Minnow was en route to the Sol system in pursuit of the Bastion's battle group. It was sent to Laramis, to the new R&D station for repairs and other changes. The GTA and PVE secretly covered up for Atens being sent to Laramis one at a time, to be redesigned as a copy of the Anohs. The Anohs was never intended to be produced from scratch in construction yards, for fear that the HOL would get their hands on a set of plans. For this reason, all Anohs' are equipped with both a heavily shielded escape pod, and a foolproof self-destruct. The escape pod shields are able to withstand almost all damage of the explosion even at close range. The self-destruct can also be triggered when the escape pod enters subspace.
Because of their light armor, the Anohs will always be found in groups of three or more. If the meson components in the reactor mix violently, the resulting blast will rip apart anything of medium or small size within three kilometers.
Alone, the Anohs should be considered a Class B threat. In a group of three, it should be considered a Class A threat. Should any ship encounter more than four Anohs'; they should begin immediate evacuation, and/or leave the area immediately.




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