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The recommended way to install ASW is through the FreeSpace Open Installer; it offers the option to install the latest version of acts 1 and 2, as well as the most common extensions.

Optional Extensions

Make your choice from the downloads below for added enjoyment!
Each pack contains a .vp-file, which you can place in your ASW1 mod folder.

Act III (dump)

Although ASW development has now halted, the work has not been for naught!
The full pack of what was to become ASW3 has been uploaded to the FreeSpace 2 sector, and can be obtained here.
Included are four missions and one in-game cutscene in various stages of completion, as well as high-poly models (untextured) of
the Corybant fighter and the Silenus bomber, a significantly improved Pyrgos (which would have been the Core),
the brand-new (and textured!) Archanes fighter and the (previously released) high-poly Satyr.
All in all, definitely worth checking out!

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